Midstage Venture Coaching & Facilitation

Our programs help midstage founders/CEOs and their teams increase focus, create value together and deliver results reliably. All employ a combination of:

Driving Results

Driving Results

Our Driving Better Results program helps midstage startup teams set and confirm clear and unambiguous OKRs for everyone.

So that it is clear who does what by when, and that the team can hold each other accountable to the results the company needs.

Next to the OKRs, a key output are functional and cross-functional accountability charts that make it clear what everyone’s responsbility is, exactly.

The Driving Results program is best for midstage startups that miss results and/or experience drama in reaching their goals.

From $3,990/month

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Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus

Our Strategic Focus program helps midstage startups define where they are most likely to win big, and where they might just be an also-ran.

So that they can make clear choices, invest in what matters most, say no to distractions, and focus all their team energy on the big prize.

A key output is a One-Glance-Strategic-Plan that helps clarify to the entire team why the startup is in business, what it is going to achieve and how to get there.

The Strategic Focus program are best for midstage startups “growing in all directions” or when growth is slowing down.

From $4,990/month

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Across Functions

Across Functions

Our Across Functions helps midstage startup teams collaborate better between growing silos of functional specialists.

So that every team knows exactly how they contribute to your customer experience, and how their output fits into the big picture.

A key output is a value stream chart showing all the handovers in an end-to-end flow, and the clusters of confusion where the company has most optimization potential.

The Across Functions program is best for midstage startups that see their cost base increase as fast as their revenues or that need to upgrade their quality levels significantly.

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Common Program Specifications

Other Services

Founder/Cofounder coaching

Scaleup Allies offer coaching to founders and CEOs of tech scaleup companies, one-on-one or in group settings (mastermind format).

Scaleup Programs

For ongoing improvements, we facilitate quarterly and annual planning sessions for tech scaleup leadership. Using the quarterly offsite the team is planning anyway, we introduce the most relevant new learning and ensures the team commits to quarterly rocks it can deliver.

Training Sessions

We can facilitate one-time training sessions for management teams on how to lead a tech scaleup. The sessions will typically include gathering input from individual management team members before the session, assessing the degree of alignment, and following up on commitments.

Assessment & Alignment

The sessions will typically include gathering survey input from individual management team members before the session, assessing the degree of alignment, and following up on commitments.


Our Chief Scaleup Ally, Roland, regularly speaks to startup meetups, co-working communities, middle management gatherings and all-hands meetings. He makes the audience aware of the challenges and excitement of being in a scaleup company. The keynote can be combined with separate sessions for VIP members, executive management and/or debriefing for the organization’s leader.