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How to Break Down a Big Goal

I'll break you down rock

Did you know that over 67% off strategic goals never get executed in the way that people intended them to be.

I want to help your teams break down a big goal into an actionable execution plan. The three levels are clear ownership, clear metrics and clear milestones on the ownership side.

Clear Owner

Clear owner

Of course it’s important that every project or goal in the team has one clear owner. But it’s not just in your executive team that they need this one clear owner. They also need an owner for the day-to-day execution of that goal, typically below the executive team. Because, frankly, your executives do not have the time to take on all this extra workload. Whereas there are people below them that are far less busy and eager to show what they can do.

Clear Metrics

Clear metrics

The metric is the key communication from the executive team to the project team as to what the project is supposed to achieve. For example, increasing sales or decreasing call volume or increasing service levels. The flexibility that the project team has, comes from understanding the metric and then being able to come up with different ideas in order to get to that metric.

Clear Milestones

Clear Milestones

We have reaching that metric at the end of the project as a horizon, but what are the steps that the team is going to take in order to get there? And can we use those steps to understand maybe three weeks into the quarter, whether the team is tracking red, yellow, or green.

67& of well-formed strategic goals fail to be executed well

Now, to pull all this information together, we’ve developed a very simple but amazingly complete your execution plan.

Download the worksheet “Quarterly Rock: Preparing for Successful Execution” below:

Quarterly Rock Execution Plan

Your Quarterly Rock Execution Plan

Preparing for Successful Execution