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Are your People Handing Over the Right Things?

Are you making progress with increasing accountability in your team?

This is already the third blog post leading you through our accountability roundtable worksheet, talking about the right handovers.

In the previous two blog posts we talked about, do you have the right seats around the table and are the people in those seats focused on doing the right things.

If you haven’t seen these posts, you have to go back to those first so that you can follow in on this one.

Turn X Into Y by Z

In our previous article - ”Are Your People Doing the Right Things,” we discussed that every function should be focused on turn X into Y by Z. The turn X is their input. The turn the into Y is their output.

What that means is now we need to match those inputs and outputs.

In other words, is the output of a given function enough to work with for the next function in the process?

We start by linking the inputs and outputs of each function.

Marketing Qualified Leads/ Sales Qualified Leads

A typical example is Marketing passes leads to Sales. Often there’s a conflict around what marketing qualifies as a lead may not actually qualify as a lead for sales.

So that’s the stuff we want to hash out with this tool. We start drawing arrows from one input Arrow to another output Arrow, and then we start seeing, do people agree that this is a yellow or red or a green link? In other words, is it all very streamlined, no drama, or is it full of drama?

Right Handovers

That’s the kind of stuff you want to figure out with this tool. And that’s really all we do with number three of our accountability roundtable worksheets. To find out if you have the right handovers in place, you may download this tool below:

One more blog is coming up and that will be, “Do we actually have the Right People in all these seats around the table.”