7 Levers to Deliver on Goals Dependably

How can you get your teams to deliver on your goals dependably without all the drama?

Can you Depend on your team to deliver your goals without Drama?

Here are the seven things we look at.

  1. Are all the team members in both daily huddles and weekly checkins. Daily Huddles/ Weekly Checks

  2. For management. Is there a monthly management learning meeting? Monthly Management Learning

  3. For all the leadership, is there a quarterly leadership offsite with an external facilitator? Quarterly Leadership Offsite

  4. Do they get out of that workshop with maximum five priorities that are company wide… Max 5 Priorities

  5. …that have measurable key results… All goals have measurable key results

  6. …and that have a single accountable owner? Goals have single accountable owners

  7. Does missing a goal really feel bad? Like you’re not delivering for your team? Missing a goal

Dependable Execution is just one of the 11 big questions in our FastAtScale model.

Take the test for your own scaleup by sending an email to fastatscale@r13k.co. FastAtCheck Healthcheck

Reviews from Workshop Participants:


“Very helpful and informative (even on day 1)”

Farham Ahmed, Head of Finance, GoodTime
Farham Ahmed
Head of Finance, GoodTime, San Francisco, CA


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