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7 Levers to Deliver on Goals Dependably

How can you get your teams to deliver on your goals dependably without all the drama?

Can you Depend on your team to deliver your goals without Drama?

In the complex orchestra of business, the key to success lies in the dependable execution of goals without unnecessary drama. How can you ensure your teams not only meet but consistently exceed expectations? In this exploration, we uncover the seven levers that form the backbone of our FastAtScale™ model, designed to facilitate dependable goal execution and eliminate unnecessary disruptions.

Here are the seven things we look at.

  1. Are all the team members in both daily huddles and weekly checkins. Daily Huddles/ Weekly Checks Communication is the lifeline of goal execution. Are all team members actively participating in both daily huddles and weekly check-ins? Regular and structured communication ensures that everyone is on the same page, promoting real-time adjustments and quick issue resolution.

  2. For management. Is there a monthly management learning meeting? Monthly Management Learning Continuous learning is a cornerstone of effective management. Is there a monthly management learning meeting for leadership development? These sessions foster a culture of growth and innovation, ensuring that management remains agile and well-equipped to navigate challenges.

  3. For all the leadership, is there a quarterly leadership offsite with an external facilitator? Quarterly Leadership Offsite Strategic alignment is crucial for goal execution. Does the leadership team participate in a quarterly offsite with an external facilitator? This external perspective brings fresh insights and ensures that the leadership is aligned and focused on overarching organizational goals.

  4. Do they get out of that workshop with maximum five priorities that are company wide… Max 5 Priorities Clarity in priorities is paramount for effective execution. Are the leadership priorities distilled into a maximum of five company-wide objectives? Streamlining priorities ensures that the entire organization is focused on key initiatives, avoiding dilution of efforts.

  5. …that have measurable key results… All goals have measurable key results Goals should be measurable to track progress effectively. Do the identified priorities have measurable key results? Establishing measurable outcomes provides a clear roadmap for success and enables data-driven decision-making.

  6. …and that have a single accountable owner? Goals have single accountable owners Accountability is the linchpin of goal execution. Do each of the identified priorities have a single accountable owner? Assigning clear ownership ensures that responsibility is vested in individuals, promoting a sense of ownership and urgency.

  7. Does missing a goal really feel bad? Like you’re not delivering for your team? Missing a goal Goals should not be mere targets; they should evoke emotional investment. Does missing a goal genuinely feel impactful, reflecting a commitment to delivering for the team? Emotional resonance fosters a culture of accountability and underscores the significance of goal attainment.

In conclusion, dependable goal execution requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. By addressing these seven levers, organizations can cultivate a culture of accountability, clear communication, and continuous improvement.

Dependable Execution is just one of the 11 big questions in our FastAtScale model.

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