7 Levers to Attract and Nurture Top Talent

Is everyone on your team still a good fit today and are they all still growing in their careers?

  1. Do you have the right people on the bus, the people that share your values? Having the right people on the bus

  2. Is everyone in the right seats, where they can perform best? Everybody in the right seat

  3. Do they all work on the same important output? All working on important output

  4. For their part in that output, do they understand what success looks like? Understand what success looks like

  5. Do you give people recognition not just for doing their job, but especially for improving on it? Recognition for Improving

  6. Do people trust their teams and feel trusted by their teams as well? People trust in and feel trusted by their teams

  7. Does everyone in the company have regular progress conversations about the next step in their career? Regular progress conversations

Attracting and Nurturing Top Talents is just one of the 11 dimensions in our full FastAtScale model.

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Ahryun Moon, CEO, GoodTime, San Francisco, CA