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7 Levers to Boost Sales Momentum

Can you make your sales growth not only sustainable, but also predictable?

How Sustainable is Your Sales Growth?

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, achieving sustainable and predictable sales growth is the hallmark of a thriving enterprise. It’s not just about acquiring customers; it’s about strategically navigating the sales journey to ensure long-term success. In this article, we unravel the seven levers that constitute the backbone of our FastAtScale™ model, designed to propel your sales momentum to new heights.

Solving Proven Pain Point

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Here are the seven levers from our full FastAtScale model.

  1. Making sure the product solves a proven pain point. At the core of successful sales lies a product that addresses a genuine pain point. Ensure that your product or service directly solves a proven pain point in the market. This not only attracts customers but also establishes the foundation for sustained growth.

  2. Ensuring the company has a complete database of all the customers they look to acquire. Knowledge is power in the world of sales. Maintain a comprehensive database of all potential and existing customers. This wealth of information allows for targeted and personalized interactions, enhancing the acquisition and retention process.

  3. Are they having enough acquisition spending versus the value they hope to achieve? Evaluate the balance between acquisition spending and the anticipated value. A strategic approach ensures that resources are optimally allocated, maximizing the return on investment in customer acquisition.

  4. Do they have about four times as many leads in the funnel as prospects that they need to close. A healthy sales funnel is characterized by having about four times as many leads as prospects needed for closure. This ratio ensures a robust pipeline, providing ample opportunities for conversion and sustained sales growth.

  5. Can they qualify them efficiently? Qualifying leads efficiently is a key determinant of sales success. Streamline your qualification process to identify the most promising prospects swiftly. This targeted approach optimizes resource utilization and accelerates the sales cycle.

  6. Can they predict with about 80 percent accuracy how much they will have closed at the end of the quarter? Anticipating quarter-end outcomes is a mark of a well-calibrated sales strategy. Strive for about 80 percent accuracy in predicting how much will be closed by the end of the quarter. This foresight enables proactive adjustments and ensures goal attainment.

  7. Do they have more than half of the revenues coming from returning customers and upsales. A substantial portion of revenue should come from returning customers and upsells. Fostering long-term relationships and maximizing the value derived from existing customers is pivotal for sustained sales momentum.

In conclusion, achieving robust sales momentum involves a strategic focus on these seven levers. By addressing each aspect comprehensively, your company can not only achieve sustainable growth but also predict and navigate the evolving sales landscape successfully.

Our full FastAtScale models has 11 dimensions.

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