Being Overruled by Your Employees Feels Amazing

Being Overruled by Your Employees Feels Amazing

Interview with Eli, Jerrod and Subhi of Codecov

Show Notes

On the latest edition of the Midstage Momentum Podcast, Roland Siebelink talks with Eli Hooten, Jerrod Engelberg and Subhi Beidas, the three re-founders of CodeCov. While CodeCov was originally founded by Steve Peak in 2014, the three re-founders have taken the reins and amassed a user base of nearly one million developers. Together, they are changing code coverage by changing it from a backward-looking practice to a forward-looking practice.

In this episode, you will have a chance to hear:

  • Why CodeCov’s innovation from making code coverage a forward-looking practice rather than a backward-looking practice is such a difference-maker for developers.
  • All about CodeCov’s backstory from its original founder to a group of re-founders and why passing the torch to Engelberg, Hooten, and Beidas was the right move.
  • How CodeCov stays true to its core values and why defining the startup’s mission and principle values is more important than most startup leaders realize.
  • Eli Hooten explains why the phrase “Deliver with Love” has become a crucial part of CodeCov’s mission.
  • The lessons that CodeCov’s three re-founders have learned from their experience and what tips they would like to pass on to startup leaders in a similar position.

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