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Helping entrepreneurial audiences around the world be prepared for the challenges of scaling up their companies so they can consistently keep up the momentum toward market dominance and enjoy the process

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Our coaches speak at various tech communities and spaces, universities and conferences around the world. To see who is speaking at a location near you, take a look at the calendar here.

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If you are interested in having Roland speak or organize a workshop at your conference, company event, or group event, please reach out to speaking@rolandsiebelink.com. Keynote talks can be combined with separate sessions for VIP members, executive management and/or debriefing for the organization’s leader.

Signature Talks Available

From Startup to Unicorn – Scaling your Company Silicon Valley Style

From Startup to Unicorn – Scaling your Company Silicon Valley Style

“Maintaining Startup Momentum – Adding Method to the Madness”

“Maintaining Startup Momentum – Adding Method to the Madness”

Audience Reactions

“Great presentation today at Google Startups! It’s given me lots to think about and plenty of handy models to use as I scale up my company.

— Ardie Worsleym - Said Digital

“Structured, not overloaded.Tells you exactly what a founder needs to be aware of when scaling. My takeaway was the need to shift gears along the stages proactively.”

— Niklaus, Zurich (Switzerland)

“I’ve done an audit of over 500+ workshops from the past few years and narrowed down to my favorite 48. Your workshop, at least from the deck and the feedback scores, is one of my favorites. I do a talk like this all the time and yours blows mine out of the water.

— Rachael—Chicago

“I don’t believe this concept is talked about much in the startup world. This stage is critical to long term success and it was very valuable to hear the insights from someone who has actually been an active member of a scale up.

— Rebecca Klor, Co-Founder at Roady

“I enjoyed how involved the audience was, and how engaged and encouraging he was for us to participate. Also, it brings to light how difficult it is to scale up a company.

— Mcauley Banning, Student