Leading your Startup Through CRISIS

An Easy to Read Guide for Startup Founders Navigating a Crisis in Their Companies

Over 80 slides and clear explanations provide leaders at venture-backed tech startups with:

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Leading Your Startup Through CRISIS Book

Leading Your Startup Through CRISIS Book

Midstage startups experience deep effects from the Covid-19 crisis

Not only is the economy showing radical changes in demand. Venture funding has also become much more challenging than only a few months ago.

Employees look to leaders for stability, reassurance, and a clear path to the light at the end of the tunnel. But how can you be the leader they need, when you may not have all the answers yourself?

With this slide book, Roland Siebelink helps founders and excutives lead through the CRISIS framework.

Designed to put to use immediately, this slide book guides leaders through the six steps

  1. Communicating Daily
  2. Reassessing Reality
  3. Instructing your People
  4. Sustaining the Future
  5. Inspiring Positive Action
  6. Spotting New Opportunities

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Leading Your Startup Through

Roland Siebelink

About the Author

Founder and Chief Scaleup Ally, Roland Siebelink, has a passion for helping tech entrepreneurs. After starting 2 of his own companies and having 3 major back to back scaleup experiences as an executive, he had developed a talent for predicting upcoming pitfalls. He made it his mission to help others from falling into them. He’s spent the last 4 years as coach and facilitator for midstage scaleups.

Roland holds an MBA from IMD and is a certified Gazelles Scaling Up Coach. He is also the co-author of Scaling Silicon Valley Style and podcast host of Silicon Valleu Momentum. When not at home, with his husband and chihuahua, Roland is usually jet setting around the world facilitating planning workshops with clients or giving masterclasses at tech hubs in such places as New York, Chicago, London, and Zurich.