Three is Better Than Two, Marital Endurance, and Going Into Business with Your Friends

Three is better than two, Marital Endurance, & Going into Business with Friends

Tips for Cofounders from the CEO and CTO of Redox, Luke Bonney and James Lloyd

Do co-founders need their own version of “marital counseling?”

Should friends start businesses together even if it’s not usually advisable for friends to even live together?

And is 3 the magic number for co-founders instead of two?

Listen in to this week’s episode in which I interview 2 of Redox’s 3 co-founders, Luke Bonney and James Lloyd. We discuss the above questions and what they’ve learned to do to keep a healthy partnership as well as how to clean up train wrecks in their startup journey.

We also discuss their specific role in health tech and how Redox is serving this emerging, complicated market.

To learn more about Redox and how they can serve your company, read their blog, listen to their own podcast or see current career opportunities, visit:

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