The Magic Intersection of Design & Innovation with Wear.Works Cofounders

The Magic Intersection of Design & Innovation with Wear.Works Cofounders

In this episode, Roland interviews Kevin Yoo and Keith Kirkland, co-founders of Wear.Works, a wearable tech that allows for wayfinding and navigation using the sense of touch/feeling. We talk about this exciting technology that is helping to pioneer the way to endless possibilities utilizing this lesser used human sense. We also talk about what it means to have inclusive tech, a strong sense of mission and are also sure to ask the tough questions about how to keep the co-founder “marriage” healthy and well.

Visit to learn about an exciting opportunity to bring this technology into your own life and also to learn more about potential career opportunities.

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Redox Engine

“Our Coach has gotten us into a consistent cadence of focusing on the highest impact issues in our business. This is so valuable to our growth and our confidence in each other.”

Kate Criniti, Chief Legal Officer, Redox Engine
Kate Criniti
Chief Legal Officer, Redox Engine, Austin, TX


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