This [scaleup] stage is critical to long term success and it was very valuable to hear the insights from someone who has actually been an active member of a scale up.

Rebecca Klor, Co-founder, Roady, Chicago, IL

How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

On this edition of the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast, Roland Siebelink talks about trying to get your startup out of a funk. About four or five years after it’s first founded, most startups start to hit a wall, causing the excitement to die down and making it harder to inspire employees to go the extra mile. Roland talks about the best ways to get your startup out of a funk using examples from startups he’s helped in the past.

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Our coach has gotten us into a consistent cadence of focusing on the highest impact issues in our business. This is so valuable to our growth and our confidence in each other.

Kate Critini, Chief Legal Officer, Redox, Boston, MA