How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

Show Notes

On this edition of the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast, Roland Siebelink talks about trying to get your startup out of a funk. About four or five years after it’s first founded, most startups start to hit a wall, causing the excitement to die down and making it harder to inspire employees to go the extra mile. Roland talks about the best ways to get your startup out of a funk using examples from startups he’s helped in the past.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Roland’s insight on:

  • How to reconnect to the reasons and purpose of starting your business in the first place.
  • How an Australian gaming company inspired people to “escape from boredom.”
  • How an employee software company stuck to its purpose of empowering employees.
  • Why political slogans could hold the key to getting your startup out of its funk.
This is the first step in transforming a company that has peaked or is in a rut or a malaise into a company with direction.

James Hughes, CEO, Sales & Orders, New York, NY