Finding Momentum and a Winning Cofounder Dynamic

Interview with InRule CEO & Co-founder Rik Chomko & CTO & Co-founder Loren Goodman

Podcast - Finding Momentum and a Winning Cofounder Dynamic with Rik Chomko and Loren Goodman of InRule

Show Notes

Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in this episode:

In this podcast, Roland is joined by Rik Chomko and Loren Goodman of InRule Technologies.

Rik and Loren, shares their views on the current news in the Tech Industry, as well as their experiences and key learnings with InRule.

Tune in to this podcast to discover…

  • Current News in the Tech Industry
  • Space Flying Taxi changes in Google’s leadership
  • InRule’s Story

What does InRule do? Key Learnings from their experience with InRule

Reviews from Midstage Institute Workshop Participants:

I agreed with almost everything you presented :). 3rd party validation, without bias, is always great for a company.

Steve Davis, SoundCommerce
Steve Davis
SoundCommerce, Las Vegas, NV

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