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“Set Out to Build a Unicorn”

Interview with Everyware CEO & Co-Founder Larry Talley.

Everyware CEO Larry Talley: “Set Out to Build a Unicorn”

Think about how easy it is to send a text message compared to making a phone call or sending a letter via snail mail. Well, what if text messages could be used by consumers to pay bills or companies to converse with customers who owe money? That’s precisely the use case addressed by startup Everyware. Using technology originally developed to help hotels and resorts communicate with travelers, Everyware is now making bill-paying as simple as sending a text message.

Everyware founder and CEO Larry Talley joined the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast this week to speak with Roland Siebelink. The two discussed Everyware’s origins, the startup’s ambitions, and everything in between:

We will be sharing below the full transcript of Roland’s conversation with Everyware CEO & Co-Founder Larry Talley.

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