Structured, not overloaded. Tells you exactly what a founder needs to be aware of when scaling. My takeaway was the need to shift gears along the stages proactively.

Niklaus Brühlmann, Director Business Operations, Scandit, Zurich, Switzerland

How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

How to Get Your Startup Out of a Funk?

Show Notes

On this edition of the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast, Roland Siebelink talks about trying to get your startup out of a funk. About four or five years after it’s first founded, most startups start to hit a wall, causing the excitement to die down and making it harder to inspire employees to go the extra mile. Roland talks about the best ways to get your startup out of a funk using examples from startups he’s helped in the past.

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Our coaches have a very clear and measured approach to help leaders think objectively about where their compnay is, and where they want it to be. They were able to walk the team through each of the steps and show how they connected. The outcome was a clear consensus for the team on what the key issues are that need focus in the coming months.

Mark Wochos, Chief Information Security Officer, VEDA Data Solutions, Madison, WI