Open and frank dialgoue and facilltator ensured we say focused. Metronome worksheet shows a one page solution on how we scale and is simple to track. Recommend that you also focus on how communication can be improved within the company as that is key ingredient for our success.

Sanat Patel, Chief Lending Officer, Avana, Peoria, AZ

7 Levers to Extend your Cash Runway

Is the cash in your business cycling fast enough to keep you afloat even in the bad times?

Is Your Cash Cycle Fast Enough

Here are the seven questions, that we look at in our FastAtScale™ assessment:

  1. Are your revenues both predictable and repeatable? Predictable & Repeatable Revenues

  2. Do you have a stable ratio between the product labor in your company and the gross margins? Stable Product Labor Efficiency

  3. Do you also have a stable ratio between all the sales and management labor in your company and your operating margins. Stable Management Efficiency Ratio

  4. Are the issues in your business getting solved faster and faster? Improving Median Throughput Times

  5. Are they getting solved at a lower and lower cost per issue? Improving Median Cost Per Item

  6. Do you have one map that fits together all the key processes in your company? Mapped Flow of Key Processes

  7. When you talk to investors, do you get offers of continuously increasing valuation? Continuously Increasing Valuation

Cash is just one of the eleven themes in our full FastAtScale™ assessment.

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Super valuable to have an independent advisor/moderator with relevant domain experience to drive to decisions and consensus.

Jared Stiff, Co-Founder & CTO, SoundCommerce, Las Vegas, NV