Helping Tech Scaleups Navigate the Midstage Faster

Well structured and systematic approach. Relevant to companies in this critical stage of their growth.

Al Bellon, Global Controller, NZXT, Santa Monica, CA

Better Team, Better Focus, Better Results

Trusted, Effective Leadership

Leaders need to feel comfortable debating and making courageous decisions that they all commit to. Alignment is crucial on key boundary decisions so that the entire company is on one page.

Practicing Core Disciplines

The fundamentals of talent nurturing, strategic thinking, disciplined execution and cash cycling needs to be practiced disciplines.

Well Oiled Value Creation

The engines of customer acquisition, fulfillment, enablement and innovation should all be oiled and running smoothly.

Enviable Positioning

The company should show absolute leadership in their chosen segment in a high growth market that’s growing much faster than the economy.

How Your Startup Could Benefit

Facilitating Rapid Decisions


A business-to-business SAAS platform had trouble breaking into mainstream customers. Using the Mainstream DecisionSheet, they aligned on a beachhead to attack within two hours. And gained preferred vendor status in that segment less than four months later.

Embracing the Growth Stage


A consumer gaming platform had hired many executives from traditional industries. Using individual and team coaching, We helped startup people and corporate executives align on best practices for the specific scaleup phase they were in, leading to 10X growth while putting a stop to bureaucracy.

Enhancing Founder Leadership


A high-tech enterprise scaleup founder had trouble getting results from his team. Through quarterly workshops and monthly check-ins, We helped the team clarify accountabilities and institute regular check-ins. They started making 80% of their goals and achieved a compelling exit less than three years later.

Removing Unconscious Growth Barriers


The leadership of a software component company had built up direct sales to brands, generating enviable pricing power and visionary buyers. Yet many larger brands failed to convert. During an offsite, the team noticed that more conservative buyers needed complete packages, and that partners and system integrators would have to be included in the proposition or should even lead the sale. This led to 50% YoY growth despite a severely adverse economic climate.

Supercharging Decision-Making and Delegation


The executive team of a fast-growing API platform felt they spent all their day in meetings, especially after the pandemic started. And still they couldn’t make all decisions the company needed. Applying our signature “Remote Capabilities” model in a remote workshop, they moved the bulk of their decisions into async/written mode. This resulted not only in 5X faster decisions, but also in talented middle managers feeling empowered to execute the projects.

Our coaches make you spill your thoughts out.

Yazeed Ettaib, Senior Digital Product Manager, Avana, Glendale, AZ

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Our coaches have been around the block and obviously know what it takes to drive RESULTS. Your experience with other companies will allow anyone to learn from both successes and failures and how to address both. The drilling of structure - strategizing and planning is beneficial beyond business walls.

Arthur Dang, VP of Culture & People, Sales & Orders, New York, NY