Doing a good job at $Company is about more than making your numbers. We also want to create a culture where people love working together and where it is about solving problems together, rather than everyone making their own targets.

Performance Framework

Both for regular coaching conversations and for more formal performance reviews, we recommend to agree up front on performance criteria in the following buckets (inspired by The Trillion Dollar Coach, ed. Eric Schmidt)


  1. Your top KPI(s)
  2. Your top OKR(s)
  3. Contributions to others’ KPIs or OKRs

Peer Relations

  1. How well do you get along with your peers? Do people like working with you?
  2. How effective are you at problem solving with your peers? How often does something have to get escalated?
  3. How helpful are you to your peers? In what way are you helping others perform better even when it’s not your own goal?

Team Management (for managers)

  1. Are you hiring the right people steadily enough and at reasonable cost?
  2. Are you developing the people you have, building their confidence and enabling them to deliver good results?
  3. When someone is not a good fit (any more), are you able to solve the issue constructively and timely?

Learning and Improvement (for managers)

  1. Are you eager to improve your team, to learn from external examples and implement them?
  2. Are you encouraging your team to improve, to do a bit better every day, to beieve things can always get better?
  3. What new ideas, business practices, tools etc have you implemented recently and what was the result on performance?