Monday CEO/Exec Team Output Areas Departments Frontl.Teams
Q4-11 Review 3y KPIs      
Q4-10 Prep Annual KPIs      
Q4-8 See quarterly rhythm      

Extra cascading for annual OKRs

In the third quarter of each year, $COMPANY reviews and resets targets for

  • the next three years;
  • the next year.

This means that we identify, update and/or refresh our 3 year programs and our annual OKRs.

It also means that we add an extra “annual goals” deliverable to the normal OKR quarterly rhythm

Annual OKR Rhythm—Additions to Quarterly Rhythm

11 Mondays before the start of Q4

  1. The $EXECUTIVE_TEAM reviews progress versus 3-year KPIs and OKRs
  2. The $COS launches annual data gathering efforts such as team performance analysis

10 Mondays before the start of Q4

The $COS initiates the Annual OKR Process:

  1. By creating a “blank sheet” for next year’s OKRs
  2. By asking $CEO and $CFO to confirm the company’s (3) most important numerical targets for the next year.

9 Mondays before the start of Q4

$CEO sends out:

  • the top (3) company goals for the next year
  • to his/her direct reports
  • in the form of company KPI targets
  • that match roughly with the company’s key “output areas”.

The $EXECUTIVE_TEAM reviews progress versus annual KPIs and OKRs

8 Mondays before the start of Q4

… follows the rest of the quarterly OKR rhythm, but asks teams to submit both annual (for next year) and quarterly (for Q4 of this year) OKRs

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