Like every other growing company, we organize our people in (a tree of) teams.

We call the person responsible the “Coach”

At $Company, the person who is in responsible for the team’s performance and happiness is called a “Coach”. We prefer this term to the more common terms “Manager”, “Supervisor” or “Boss”.

Helping people perform better

In line with our [[core values]], this terminology choice implies that we expect people in charge of a team:

  1. To give every person a clear understanding what they are responsible for and what a good job looks like;
  2. To help each of their people perform to the best of their abilities;
  3. To bring new people onto the team, and onboard them so that they can be successful;
  4. To identify and anticipate when somebody is no longer a good fit, and help them find their next challenge whether inside or outside $Company.

Team members on the field, coach off the field

We especially prefer the term “coach” because of the analogy with sports coaching. Key is that a sports coach is not a performer themselves. They are at the side lines, and they are 100% focused on letting their athletes perform better.

A good coach considers “coaching” their core job, not the functional area such as “sales” or “engineering” or “finance”. They try to remain off the field for as much of their team’s work as possible, but ensure that the people who are on the field are doing their best possible work.

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