Inspire stakeholders beyond numbers

The 3-5-Year Vision is a description of what $Company could and should look like in the future, in an ideal state.

The Vision is meant to inspire and align all stakeholders beyond just revenues and efficiencies (left-brain thinking).

It depicts the impact $Company wants to make in the world, but also what success will look, feel and taste like (right-brain thinking). In a future that is far enough, but also not that far, away: a horizon that a successful employee can definitely imagine being within reach while they are at the company.

Connectable with Strategy, Initiatives and Operations

Many companies have a vision statement that feels disconnected from the reality of the company. Not because it is ambitious and perhaps a tad unreasonable (every vision should be) but because it is expressed in a form that is hard to translate into strategies, targets, initiatives and operations. Many midstage startups overdo their visioning, and can produce dense decks of many slides that fail to inspire people at an operatonalizable level.

Criteria for a good vision statement

In the Midstage Manual we recommend a vision statement that:

Example vision statement

After COWLEY (M.) and DOMB (E.) Beyond Strategic Vision