Why strategic thrusts?

Within a 3-year time frame, $Company plans to build substantial new competences and capabilities, each driving major progress towards one or more of our three-year-objectives.

We call these new competences and capabilities Strategic Thrusts.

What are strategic thrusts?

Think of strategic thrusts as the three-year programs and projects that let $Company build, acquire and learn the things to drive up our performance.

For example, a company currently present only in the US could have as a 3-year KPI target to have a presence in 30 countries.

The strategic thrust associated with that could be called “internationalization”. It could have several projects spanning multiple functional departments such as:

We keep these all grouped under the header “internationalization” to remind ourselves of the bigger goal–and to allow ourselves to reprioritize some of these individual projects if the critical path for reaching the KPI would change.

Selection of three-year strategic thrusts

On an annual basis, the leadership team sets or updates the 3-year strategic thrusts for the company.

Since these strategic thrusts are set at a company level, not every function or department will have a strategic thrust “of their own” or even be involved closely in one.

Strategic thrusts try to higlight primarily what we want to start doing different from today, and not every function or department will need to change at the same rate for the company to remain close to reaching its targets.

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