3-5 Sources of Differentiation

Successful companies consciously choose the few areas where they want to make a difference, and try to maintain just standard efficiency and competence at everything else.

Concentrated use of resources

This is so that key resources can consciously be directed at strengthening differentiation ever further, rather than spreading them across many different activities in which they make no discernible difference in the eye of the customer.

Flywheel: sources of differentiation building on one another

At $Company, we are still working on our key sources of differentiation. We hope that they would intertwine so that our business model becomes a self-fulfilling, virtuous cycle (or flywheel).

Intermediate differentiating factors

For now some differentiating factors are:

  1. Usability: must be most usable for small companies (<50 people)
  2. Customer success: offer the most onboarding/videos of anyone in the industry

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