At $Company, we try and add value in every sprint (1 or 2 weeks, depending on the department). At the beginning of every sprint, we decide together what value-added features we can build/deliver at normal capacity. At the end of every sprint, we present what we built/delivered and seek feedback.

Small improvements that add up

Our assumption and experience here are that many small improvements over time add up to more than big improvement projects that are meticulously planned and then executed in the course of months. The reason is that big improvement projects cannot take into account iteration, especially reality/requirements changing.

The sprint model helps us stay close to what the market needs, and we can still build bigger and bigger changes as long as we make steps visible to our stakeholders on the way there.

Company Sprint Presentations

Every end-of-sprint Friday, we post demo videos in our Slack #sprint-results channel about what we built and delivered. Some of these videos might be recordings of live meetings, some may just be a quick demo of something in the works on your own machine. But the point is that we want to give everyone an opportunity to show progress to the company so that we can celebrate each week on a high.

New Content

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