What is the “banner” to unite all your “troops” behind?

Business is not difficult but it is complex. We have and need annual goals, quarterly goals, values, a purpose, a roadmap, … and many more decisions that all help to guide and align different people and parts of the organization in the right direction.

How do we “wrap” all of that into an attractive and inspiring package, like a “banner” that we can rally the troops behind? How do we get people to feel good (with their right brain) before even having to digest all the data with their left brain?

That is what a Quarterly Theme is meant to do.

Slogan and imagery evoking a better reality

A theme is our most important goal, or the red thread between our goals, summarized in a simple slogan with associated imagery. Some example themes:

Movie titles, song titles, sayings, etc. can all make great themes, especially if they also provide associated mental images that people will remember. Cheeky or cheesy is fine, the more fun the better.

Inspiration: political campaigns

Political campaigns provide great examples of themes, weak or strong (whether you like them or not):

…and many more on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_slogans

Like a good theme, these slogans serve to unite disparate bodies of supporters, each with very specific individual interests, behind a common banner that ultimately gets their vote.

Quarterly change

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