A key input for setting our priorities must be what goes on in the world around us.

People in companies naturally focus on internal issues and challenges, forgetting about big changes happening in the outside world.

At $Company, we make a specific effort to align on key trends and to share those with everybody. So that we can all keep the same trends in mind

PESTLE framework

To remind ourselves not just to look for “obvious” trends (eg a new competitor winning more clients), we use the PESTLE framework to brainstorm about new trends. PESTLE stands for:

  1. Political trends
  2. Economic trends
  3. Social trends
  4. Technological trends
  5. Legal Trends
  6. Environmental trends

We have also been known to use slight varieties such as PESTLEID (including international and demographic trends).

On top of that, a bit closer to home, we look at specific trends for our industry.

Executives typically brainstorm around these six dimensions and then agree which trends overall will be most relevant for $Company.

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