Ensuring customer focus

A key component of the “environment” $Company has to agree on and to work with, is feedback from our customers. Continued customer focus is essential in keeping up our growth, and especially to catch market waves and shifts in customer demand.

As Prof. Sean Meehan of the IMD Lausanne states, customer focus must comprise two components:

  1. Customer feedback
  2. Customer responsiveness

Consolidating feedback

As companies grow, the challenge is less to gather customer feedback and more to consolidate the feedback gained through multiple sources, so that everyone has a common picture.

At $Company, the executive team:

  1. discussed key items of customer feedback on a weekly basis
  2. prioritizes the most commonly repeated points on a quarterly basis

Customer responsiveness

Equally, as companies grow, responding to individual, easy customer concerns often takes care of itself. The challenge is more to respond to collective, hairy concerns: the points that come up again and again but which, for some reason, we fail to act upon.

In our quarterly prioritization, $Company makes extra efforts to tackle at least one of those ongoing concerns with an annual or quarterly priority.

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