What is the “inputs” line?

The “inputs” line of the Plan-at-a-Glance represents the common reality that we can work with at $Company:

  1. Trends we see (using the PESTLE model)
  2. Key employee inputs
  3. Key Customer inputs
  4. Key Results analysis

Why do we need to specify inputs?

Team discussions, in an executive team or elsewhere, often get arduous when people cannot seem to agree on the solution for a problem.

More often than not, this has less to do with the quality of the proposed solution than it has to do with people perceiving reality differently. This can be because they have had exposure to different sources, because their function naturally focuses them more on specific problems, even because of training, background, or other environmental factors.

By sharing inputs openly before we start working on solutions and priorities, we hope to bring everyone “on the same page” first.

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