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Our Core Purpose is “Making the World a Better Place”

Why this Core Purpose

Why a Core Purpose

Every company needs a “reason for being”, a vision that inspires employees, customers and investors to want to help the company do better.

Simon Sinek calls this “Start with Why”. Why does what we do matter, why does the world needs us, why do we care that $Company exists?

The purpose or the “why” helps everyone align on an emotional level, beyond the sheer numbers, and beyond the daily grind. It can help us hold ourselves accountable to “being on the right path”, to ask ourselves “is this really still fulfilling our purpose?”

When to use the Core Purpose

  1. When choosing between different courses of action, which fulfills our core purpose better?
  2. When deciding between focusing and expanding, which would help us stay “truer” to our core purpose?
  3. When we feel like we’re not making much progress, can we reinspire ourselves and our team by pointing to the difference we’re making in the world?
  4. When we are overly focused on routine, can we paint the “bigger picture” using our Core Purpose to ask people for new ideas?