Why growth

With our big market opportunity and our strong investor backing, $Company is a much-faster growing company than most. At this stage, showing continued growth is of utmost importance to impress more customers, to hire more employees, and to attract new investors.

Dangers of undisciplined growth

In this situation, many businesses find themselves pursuing “undisciplined growth”–booking revenue “at any cost”, e.g. selling projects that we’re not qualified to perform or software features that would be a distraction to build. Over time, this can lead to an unfocused company that disappoints many customers.

That is why, as part of our strategic plan, $COMPANY sets key growth levers that we pursue–as well as the growth levers we won’t proactively invest in.

Proactively Targeted Growth Levers

  1. Market share: more customers in our core target market
  2. Share of wallet: higher spending per customer in our core target market
  3. Geographic expansion: finding customers in our same core segment but in EMEA (this year) and APAC (next year).

Growth Levers NOT Proactively Targeted

We’re currently not proactively investing in other growth levers–although we may do so in future strategic plans:

  1. New Products
  2. New Customer Segments
  3. Value chain growth: bringing outsourced activities in-house

New Content

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