$Company Core Competencies

Focusing on what we do best

As $Company grows, we will have more and more opportunities to invest in adjacent fields and business opportunities.

It is not enough that an opportunity looks like it will make money. It is also important that it is in line with what we as a company do best.

Picking the few things we are best at

The best companies have a really limited list of what they will always want to be the best in the world at. Key examples are:

These core competencies go beyond differentiation in the eyes of customers. They operate at a deeper level, almost as a long-term goal per se.

Core competencies at $Company

For now, the key core competence that $Company has picked is undefined for now.

Any business that is specifically focused on undefined for now is in our field of interest.

Conversely, any business that does not rely significantly on undefined for now should not be in the center of our interest.

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