Core decisions are the kind of decisions that we believe in so deeply, that we can expect them to be stable long-term.

Even if $COMPANY undergoes major changes and/or our markets change radically, our core identity decisions are what we can all hold onto to define a new mission and to respond to the environment with our inner strength intact.

This section explains $COMPANY’s “core identity” decisions such as:

  1. Core Values: our beliefs and the kind of people we like to work with
  2. Core Purpose: what is our reason for being, how do we make the world a better place and why does this matter?
  3. Core Competencies: what are the (few) capabilities we focus on being world-class at?
  4. Core Success Metric: what does success look like and how can we measure this objectively?
  5. BHAG: what is our “big hairy audacious goal” that we are looking to get to, long-term?