Our one big breakthrough targeted for the year

Every year, we look at all the roadblocks preventing us from reaching the longer-term $Company mission, and we pick one key roadblock to remove. We call this our “Breakthrough Mission” for the year.

Program typically with multiple projects

A good Breakthrough Mission represents something broader than a simple project or rock that we could fix in one quarter.

Most often it is a program that will compromise multiple projects in parallel and/or in succession.

A classical example would be a new product launch, with research in Q1, design in Q2, testing in Q3, and go-to-market in Q4.

Another example could be an expansion to a new continent, with establishing an entity and office in Q1, hiring a first local “head” in Q2, starting marketing in Q3, and closing first sales in Q4.

Relation to annual priorities

Think of the Breakthrough Mission as the “overarching theme” above the Annual Objectives. It should be the quick answer to a casual question “What is $Company working on this year”

Sometimes this means that the Annual Breakthrough Mission is identical to the top #1 Annual Priority. Sometimes it is more the “red thread” between the different Annual Priorities that $Company has set.

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