Cross-Functional Team Roles & Responsibilities and Artifacts

Every Cross-Functional Team at $Company works from a similar template. Each team starts by defining the following roles, responibilities and artefacts.

Team Lead

The Team Lead is the person who is the [[Directly Responsible Individual]] for delivery of the objective, and for reporting on progress and issues to the company at large.

They are also known as “Project Lead”, “Rock Lead”, “Rock Owner” etc, depending on the nature of the deliverable/the team.

The Team Lead chairs and coordinates a cross-functional group of Team Members, who together are accountable for the delivery of the objective.

If the Cross-Functional Team is like a mini-company, then the Team Lead is the mini-CEO.

Team Members

The Team Members are helping to ensure delivery of the objective on behalf of their functional department. They represent:

  1. their functional team (and their boss) within the Cross-Functional Team
  2. the Cross-Functional Team within their functional team

By appointing a Team Member, a functional executive provides them with the authority to make tactical decisions on behalf of the function.

The Team Lead may also represent their own functional team/function as a Team Member, as long as this responsibility comes second to the overall responsibility as Team Lead.

Team Sponsor

Steering Panel