The Midstage Manual is written as a quick starting point for midstage startups to fix their internal knowledge sharing problems without having to start from scratch.

The intention is that companies like $COMPANY can skip “reinventing the wheel”, in having documented best practices for the mundane business operations that can otherwise take so much time to define, e.g.

The Midstage Institute makes this manual available as a public service for all midstage startups like $COMPANY.

Quick adoption

Technically, we make it as easy as possible to adopt the Midstage Manual:

  1. The Midstage Manual is an open-source git repository. This means that it is easy to clone and start making changes, just like a startup would install any other software library. Each company can easily pull updates and new best practices.
  2. All text in the Midstage Manual is written in open standard text files Markdown, to maximize compatibility with a large number of wikis, web servers and internal knowledge

Easy adaptation

Of course, the manual will only be useful to the extent that people in the company “live it.” And in that sense, it has to become $COMPANY’s own.

Technically, we make it easy to adapt the Midstage Manual by

  1. keeping as much information as possible into a text-only format, that everyone can edit and improve;
  2. suggesting in many different locations that people improve on the content;
  3. optimizing the text for a wiki-like environment that anyone in the company can edit.