Welcome to the $COMPANY Handbook


This handbook describes how we do things at $COMPANY. It is based on the Midstage manual, an open source handbook with best practices that midstage startups like $COMPANY can adopt and adapt.

It is important to realize the handbook always reflects the current state of learning in $COMPANY.

Below is a quick overview of all the documentation we are collecting in this handbook. It contains five major sections:

  1. Directions and Priorities
  2. Functional Areas
  3. Companywide Processes
  4. Projects and Initiatives
  5. Working at $Company

Directions and Priorities

Overview of our $Company Plan-at-a-Glance:

Horizon Inspiration Prjoects/Programs Market Presence Success Metrics
10+y: Core Identity Purpose Values Growth levers BHAG/10y target
3-5y: Strategy 3-5y Vision Strategic Thrusts 3-5y Brand/Promise(s) 3-5y KPIs
1y: Mid-term Plan 1y Breakthrough Annual OKRs Annual Launch Roadmap 1y KPIs
1q: Short-term Plan Quarterly Theme Quarterly OKRs Quarterly Release Roadmap 1q KPIs
Every Sprint Mini-games Commits Feature(s)/Fix(es) Process Outputs
Inputs PESTLE trends Key Employee Inputs Key Customer Inputs Key Results Analysis

Functional Areas

Innovation Engine Acquisition Engine Satisfaction Engine Enablement Engine
Keeps $Company at the forefront of the market with a competitive offering Brings in a maximum number of new customers Ensures our clients are happy and ready to buy more Keeps our employees successful and on the right path
Product Marketing Customer Success People
Engineering Sales DevOps Finance

Companywide Processes

Company Metrics

Company Planning


Cross-Functional Teams (Cross Beams)

Working at $Company