Interview With Roland Siebelink CEO, Award-Winning Public Speaker, Business Author, & Growth Coach

Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience

Roland is now heading up his own company advising and coaching founders of tech startup and scale-up companies around the world. Roland Siebelink is a 25+ years veteran of internet business, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. He is author of the book Scaling Silicon Valley Style and is a former landslide winner of the Silicon Valley Founder Showcase (2011). He has lived through three 10-1000 FTE scale-up journeys in a row. Roland’s goal is to make sure founders of companies get to stay at the head of their companies for as long as they so desire.

About Midstage Institute

We focus our practice on midstage startup companies that need to remain agile, and where what used to work for the smaller startup just isn’t as effective anymore.


We ensure founders and leadership teams win, with our over 40 years experience in venture-backed tech startups. We are Silicon Valley veterans with the scars and wins to prove it. We don’t use an inflexible off-the shelf methodology, we adapt best practices to you, your market, your company, and your leadership team.


We always:

  • Focus on right sized best practices to get to the next level
  • Focus on the 20% of effort that will yield you 80% of the benefits
  • Teach Perfection is the enemy, better is your partner and ally
  • Align with your business needs so you can thrive